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From 02/22/2009 to 03/23/2009


07:06 PM platform Bug #85 (New): Permissions should be redone
As per discussion with cpg. nesl247


01:03 PM website Bug #84 (Feedback): Make mediawiki use mod_rewrite
This will make url's friendlier:
09:50 AM platform Bug #83 (New): Custom Webapp Options conf.d file formatting
Anything posted in Custom Webapp Options does not format the conf.d file properly. Instead of each line being tabbed,... nesl247


10:05 PM platform Feature #77 (New): ServerAlias for or personal domain
A ServerAlias for or a personal domain (#76) should be added by default. nesl247
10:04 PM website Feature #76 (New): Use personal domain instead of provided domain
When setting up an amahi server, it would be nice to be able to use your own domain instead. nesl247
09:45 PM platform Bug #75 (Closed): Merge web apps and applications
If the two were merged, it would make it easier for users to understand, as there is not a clear cut difference betwe... nesl247
09:44 PM website Bug #74 (Assigned): Multiple source url's in app creation
There should be support for using multiple source url's. The easiest way that I can think of doing this is this forma... nesl247
09:42 PM installer Bug #73 (New): Remove welcome.conf
Remove welcome.conf so it doesn't show by default. nesl247
08:26 PM platform Bug #72 (New): Changing webapp path should move files
When changing a web-app's path, it should move the files. This is because it is what would be expected from most user... nesl247


02:52 PM platform Feature #68 (New): Add static ip by dropdown
Adding a static ip should be changed to use dropdown menus. One option would be Custom, which would then show the cur... nesl247
01:09 PM platform Bug #66 (New): Default shares should not be autorecreated
If I don't want any shares, there is no way to do this currently because the default shares are autorecreated. Instea... nesl247
12:55 PM platform Bug #65 (Closed): Guest sharing with samba does not work
When all users is check when creating/updating a share, guest ok = yes needs to be added. When it's unchecked, it nee... nesl247

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