blackbird's activity

From 10/11/2010 to 11/09/2010


02:10 AM greyhole Bug #676 (New): Greyhole is working the hole time (actually since more than 24h)
Ive copied some data to my landing zone (/var/hda/files/)
Normally Greyhole should start to move files after 10sec. ...


11:20 AM platform Bug #646: System install drive filling up even though it isn't part of the Greyhole pool
i am a little bit confused. On my server Greyhle wont start to move files around after the first file is done. It wai... blackbird


04:19 AM greyhole Bug #672: Landing zone and root drive
and a second question : How can i reintegrate my shares from old setup to new setup without moving all around the wor... blackbird
04:06 AM greyhole Bug #672 (Assigned): Landing zone and root drive
Had some bad experience with Amahi and /or Greyhole.
I have a 160GB root drive and a 1TB drive for my shares. Root i...

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