lassenloop's activity

From 07/04/2014 to 08/02/2014


06:27 PM platform Feature #1512 (New): Inform user of app upgrade via dashboard
The dashboard should inform the user if an app upgrade is available. There should also be a field to identify if the... lassenloop


04:50 PM pluto Feature #1508 (Closed): make webview have the ability for the user to pinch to zoom
When viewing the Headphones application through the apps section of the Android application, I am unable to scroll le... lassenloop


08:02 PM website Feature #1505 (New): Amahi Sync Hook for Application Configurations
Write a hook for developers to identify configuration/database files so that they may be synced with Amahi sync. Thi... lassenloop
07:57 PM website Feature #1504 (New): Install Apps from Website
Apps should be installable from the amahi website. Simliar to Google Play for Android. lassenloop


08:34 PM pluto Feature #1500 (New): When browsing apps the header should fade when scrolling
The header should fade out, creating more screen real-estate, when scrolling down. The header should fade back in wh... lassenloop

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