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I knonw there has been quite some discussion about this already, but I think it would be good for users to have a choice how they can access there Amahi.
Currently there is basically just one proper way, which is through a VPN tunnel.
This is very safe and secure, but leaves me in the odd situation that I want to access my server from a foreign PC somewhere in the world and don't have an VPN client with the right setup avaiable.
I know there are some option through several apps, but altough I am not completly a PC nono, I have never managed to get something else properly working.
I have read about an app, or option to run a web based VPN server, which would leave the access going through a safe tunnel, but makes it possible to access any time from any PC with the right credentials.
For the new Amahi 7 I think it would be a very much valuable addition to have at least this choice as a user.
I would not mind needing to install an app for this option,like I now have to install open VPN or IPsec, but it really need to transform to a user level with minor configuration need.

I would not be surprised if you guys are working on this already, but I would be enlighted to see it comming in the new Amahi 7.

Hope this helps to increase the usability for more users to set up an Amahi home server, as I believe it does have advantages over an normal NAS like synology altough they do make very nice stuff too.
What I find, their acces ability is easier, and doe not need an VPN client installed on a client PC, and most of the time is works through an HTTPS ssl connection.
Windows home server did use this too, and I think it would cover enough safety, for most user, and if you want more security, you can always opt for using the VPN connection.


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Thanks for the request. We will add it to the list of future Amahi features.

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