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Plex Media Server - Ubuntu 12.04 Support on Amahi

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The @amahi Twitter account manager asked me to share this:

Plex provides a .deb download of Plex Media Server on their website, which I was able to install with no trouble on my HDA running Amahi 6 on 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04.

Plex provides downloads here: - just click on Linux - > Ubuntu - > (and I installed the) 64-bit version. The direct link to the file currently there is:

After downloading the file, I just used the Ubuntu GUI .deb installer and it was good to go. After the service starts, the Plex Media Server web control panel is available at hda.(my domain):32400/web/
The one step of setup (within the Web UI) I had to do was to add a section for Movies (which I pointed to a folder I created in the Movies folder - /var/hda/files/Movies/Films) and a section for TV shows (which I pointed to /var/hda/files/Movies/TV), and it was good to go and stream to my Plex clients. Plex looks for new series that I add to those folders and adds them directly.

I'm not sure what other information might be relevant to the team, but it really was quite easy to get Plex up and running.


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Thanks for spurring us into Plex. It's a great app. We put the debs in the Amahi Ubuntu repo, we added it to the PMS app and we added you as collaborator.

If you have some cycles to test, please do. Assigning it to you. Please send feedback if you can test it and assign it back to me for other people to test and release.


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Hi cpg,
This is the first time anyone's ever asked me to test something, so I'm not really super competent, but let me tell you what I've found so far:

First, I had to uninstall my existing Plex Server install, so I followed Plex's instructions for uninstalling here:

Then, I went to the HDA web UI and clicked install for the Plex Media Center on the "Apps -> Available" - The web UI reported the install finished, and did not report an error. It lists Version: and directs me to http://plex_media_server

First I noticed the link didn't work on either of two machines on my network. I looked at the HDA's GUI, and the installation had included a link in the Applications list like the previous installation to localhost:32400/manage - but that link didn't work either.

I couldn't find any of the Plex processes that I used to see in ps aux, and the HDA Web UI reports under Settings -> Servers that the Plex Media Server Server (sic) is Stopped. I tried starting it, but the process wouldn't start after a few tries.

Also, I didn't find any files in the directory where the previous plex installation had kept its files, /var/hda/plexmediaserver/ - the directory didn't even exist.

So I'm a little stumped. I'm not really that great at Linux (this is about as far as my skills get me), so please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to investigate further on my machine to help you identify the issue.

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This app will no longer be maintained on Amahi 6. This info is unrelated to Amahi 7 issues with the app.

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