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External backup of internal data

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I might be overlooking something, but currently I have not been able to find a (no geek way) to backup my date to an external system.
What I am looking for is this:
Greyhole does a perfect job in keeping my data on as manny fysical disk as I have choosen.
But what I really need/want to have in the future is a way to make safety backups of my data to an external/removable storage.
I am think of some king of network docking station where I can plug in an USB or just an SATA disk which will be filled overnight with all the choosen data and kept in sync.
But, then I would like to unplug it and plug in another disk so I can keep one in a safe spot in another building for total safe guarding while the second disk is kept in sync.

I cam imagine that it would be possible to write an app for this.
Personally I think it would be nice if you could do this with external USB disks.
They are cheap, robust and easy to swap.

I would not be suprised if this would be possible in Amahi 7, as I think this is a very important option.


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I use rsnapshot and it's reliable. Would like to package it one day.

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