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hover tabs on amahi alpha 4

Added by mattman over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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When moving the mouse over the tabs you will see the second tabs be populated but this is very quick and at time if you move the mouse just over the first row of tabs the second row of tabs changes. Not to sure if this is a bug of just me but I believe that it is to quick. After speaking with cpg on IRC he said could I post some links please see below.

there is a new implementation of these type of menus with the amazon trick
i can see if there is some JS for it
we would have to bundle this


#1 Updated by cpg over 8 years ago

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The delay on hover has been doubled and it seems a little slow for me, because I want fast, but others think this should work better.

Sending to you @mattmann. Please close if you like it or suggest other things if you don't (and assign it back to me).

#2 Updated by cpg over 8 years ago

We have applied a fix to the subtabs to always reflect the proper subtabs of the tab the user is in.

The delay is still 1 second in changing submenus, however.

I feel this may be too long.

#3 Updated by mattman over 8 years ago

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The timing is a bit to long not to sure if that could be set to half a second. When you select a tab, like disks then clicking partitions submenu after the delay it will then change to the settings submenu (Details | Server | Themes). This happens on all tabs that have a submenus.

#4 Updated by mattman over 8 years ago

update: browser is IE 10

#5 Updated by mattman over 8 years ago

ok tested in FF browser. going to settings submenu is related to IE only.

#6 Updated by bigfoot65 about 8 years ago

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#7 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

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I have tried with: Firefox, Chrome and Safari and they seem to work well with the tab system (some delay but not too long).

Closing and thanks for filing.

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