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HDA dashboard not accessible on HDA

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Hi guys,

I installed a new Amahi 6 HDA for my boss and run into several problems for which I will now open several bugs. The most annoying is that since this morning I cannot access the HDA on the machine anymore. Since I got two HDA running in my network I used VNC to log into the HDA of my boss and it used to work by just putting "hda" or "http://hda" in Firefox. However, since this morning it is not redirecting me to the dashboard anymore. This leads to several problems like I cannot install and administer apps anymore, I cannot start certain servers etc.


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Typically running two HDAs on the same network causes issues. There is a wiki article that might help.

If you are accessing an HDA remotely, you must use the FQDN. Also problems could be from a firewall in the connection. Recommend you troubleshoot further. If this was working before, then why has it stopped.

Not sure this is a bug, but maybe a problem on your end.

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I put installation and set-up off till mid-August, so will test then again.

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Closing, since we released Amahi 7 since then.

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