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New Release: Version 5.0.11

Added by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Please update one of the ownCloud "clone" packages for this release. It looks like they do not intend to release any new V4.5.x updates unless absolutely necessary. Also noticed that the upcoming Fedora 20 release will be moving to ownCloud v5.x rpms. Hopefully this round of testing will be better as an owncloud filesystem cache script is included with this release. The script is intended to be used "one-time" for upgrades and updates.

In this release:
Fixing upload in shared folders with create privileges
Making ldap more robust in certain situations
Handing quota violation earlier to make the desktop clients more robust
Several quota fixes
Fix issues with certain file names like 0 or false
Disable smb in files_External on windows servers
Enable user to decrypt files again after encryption app was disabled
Improved Encryption messages
Add a searchByMime call to API
Fix multiselects for Firefox on Mac in groups management
Reduce the number of ldap connections
Show a “password incorrect” notice when used shared password is wrong
Switch to the completely new Google Drive SDK.
Scanner: additional tests for reusing etags during scanning
Fix accessing files that are newly created by setting the right mime type
Several Calendar bugfixes
Fixed “Show on Map” in Contacts
A lof of Contacts fixes
Several “Tasks” fixes


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  • Target version set to amahi-7-1

App has been updated for Amahi 7.

Please let me know if it works ok.

#2 Updated by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago

I have tested this release and it is still plagued by the same upgrade problems. However, I have been in conversations with the original founder of the ownCloud foundation. The founder was surprised about the issues. He offered me some suggestions that didn't resolve anything. I will continue to work through this rleease to see if we can get some sort of workaround.

So for now let's leave this bug open.

#3 Updated by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago

I am currently working through a bug report with the ownCloud folks. I have been having email discussions with one of the ownCloud founders. So I might be able to get some better visibility on my bug report this time. The founder has acknowledged that I have indeed found some flaws and that they appreciate the debugging work I've been doing. At the moment it appears that during the upgrade process ownCloud's conversion utility is not correctly updating the database cache tables correctly (as I've determined so far). I am currently working on posting some database dumps with my bug report in the next couple of days.

I have noticed that in the next couple of days that release v5.0.12 is coming out. So I think I will recommend that we close this bug issue and I will raise another when the new release it out?

#4 Updated by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago

Here is my bug report posted at the ownCloud GitHub Issues:

#5 Updated by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago

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Closing this bug as a new version of ownCloud has been released.New bug issue to be posted shortly.

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