Bug #1146

New ownCloud Release: Version 5.0.13

Added by northridgegrp almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Please update the Amahi "ownCloud (clone)" package with this new release.

Testing will include ownCloud bug report 5045 (posted by northridgegrp):



In this release:

- SECURITY: Fix a possible security bypass on admin page under certain circumstances and MariaDB
- Correctly update database schema during app update
- Fix automatic login rejecion error message
- Several Oracle fixes
- Fixing serverroot/webroot calculation
- Adding detection for aborted uploads for chunked uploads
- Fixing directory handling that end with a space
- Fixing home storage handling
- allow to share a file/folder as public link also if one of it parents was already shared as link
- Fix search in shared folders
- Fix check for uploads into Shared folder
- Several Shared folder handling fixes
- Prefere them PNGs over core SVGs
- Fall back to default log file of specified logfile doesn't exist
- Several IE fixes
- Fix LDAP login for certain circumstances
- Fixed chunk size calculation for encrypted files
- Fix recursive delete for smb
- Fix using touch for creating files for smb
- Support OCS Share API
- Fix updating ETAGs
- Don't write user passwords into logfile
- Enable configuration of timezones for logfile timestamps
- Cleanup share database table for files that no longer exist
- Adding privilege check on move and rename operations


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 over 8 years ago

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Updated and tested with no issues.

#2 Updated by northridgegrp over 8 years ago

The "proposed" fixes applied to this release for the upgrade issue changed nothing. It actually introduce an additional flaw to something that was working for sometime. The new flaw wipes out any "local storage" definitions after the upgrade process is done.

I have posted test results on the ownCloud bug issue and reported my results to an ownCloud founder.

I am currently in conversation with one of their developers yet again.

#3 Updated by northridgegrp over 8 years ago

I just noticed today that issue 5045 on the ownCloud Github has a status label of "Bug" unfortunately no developer has been assigned to work on it as yet. Although I have been having a regular dialogue with ownCloud staff doing the triage on the issue. Progress?? "Maybe"...

#4 Updated by northridgegrp over 8 years ago

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This release still has the usual ownCloud bug issue, can't upgrade.

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