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Going command does not move contents entirely

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I noticed this when I used the going command on one of my HDD which served only as a gh pool. After the shell (I used SSH to access my HDA) told me all was moved and completed, I did two things: 1. checked if the drive was gone in greyhole.conf - YES & 2. checked if greyhole "forgot" to move/ missed some files. The second check was necessary it seemed to me because in the HDA dashboard my HDD still showed as 100% full although I was told all contents had been moved to other greyhole shares. So I checked manually in /var/hda/files/drives/drive1/gh and still found Samba shares in there, such as Movies, Music etc. When I then checked into e.g. the Movies folder I found several folders with Movie names still in there. So I checked what was in these folders and these were all small files with around 70-90kb. I assume these could be symlinks.

The problem for me is that greyhole is supposed to move all with the going command but it doesn't so I cannot be sure that actually everything was moved. And checking all folders is a bit of a pain. I would expect /var/hda/files/drives/drive1/gh to be empty after the going command has been executed but maybe I am missing a piece.


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Files are not removed from a going drive.
They are left there, in case you need them later.
If they are the only copy that existed, they were copied to other drives, and if they were extra copies, a fsck was launched to re-created an extra copy on the other drives.

As always, make sure you are running the latest version of Greyhole, 0.9.35. Older versions had issues with --going that could cause some files to not be copied over to other drives.

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