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manual LAN mode vs Remote mode

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as a step into automatic LAN mode detection, let's start with manual LAN mode vs Remote mode selection.

for the time being, when the LAN mode is selected, the PFE API endpoint for the app is set to this url:

i.e. not use SSL.

when Remote is selected, the url should be set to the current PFE API endpoint for remote (note the https, using SSL):

Just for clarification, this the local LAN mode url above is my own local HDA's LAN URL.

In real operation, these two URLs are obtained from the return output of the PUT /client call to the PFE.

This call should be done each time

1) the user logs in, or
2) the app is started, or
3) the network changes

the json returned should have two fields (per the API document), local_addr and relay_addr.


#1 Updated by cpg over 8 years ago

here is a test linux binary to run a local server. it ought to work on most current linux systems:

here is how to run it:

./local-server -l IP -k SOMEKEY -r ~/some-dir

this should run a local server and listen on the local IP given by IP (on port 4653) and a register under a dunmy key SOMEKEY, and it serves files under ~/some-dir/ ...

the directories under ~/some-dir/ will appear as shares in this version and the rest of the shares inside as files/directories.

do not use a valid key please - use a dummy key.

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