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Clean up Legacy "menus"

Added by gmw about 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Since more options exist for Wiki and calendars with one-click install, remove them frmo the menus.
Also, remove them frmo the base install package.


#1 Updated by cpg about 13 years ago

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ok, try the test platform i sent out (3.0-2). putting in feedback. close if happy, assign back and reopen if not.

i don't think it's wise to remove the wiki until the next release, as there may be some data loss potentially involved. will see if we can transition it easily.

as for the calendar manager, i need it to see what calendars are there and to subscribe to them.
note: i'm talking about


not http://webcal, which can become a one-click app asap.

where could we put it?

#2 Updated by gmw about 13 years ago

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Not sure about your question "where should we put it?"

As far as the menus -- looks OK.
Should probably add to the links in the menu (to avoid future problems)

#3 Updated by gmw about 13 years ago

Forgot to say -- the Apps menu still says "My Apps" -- that's OK, but it should link to the INSTALLED apps, not the available apps

#4 Updated by cpg about 13 years ago

where can we put this page?


doesn't seem worth it to have a tab just to manage calendars.

maybe a "Misc" tab, with webapps and calendars on it?

or under shares? (shared calendars?)

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moving to medium, as this is partially complete.

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