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The Dashboard has encountered an exception!

Added by nagybal over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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The Dashboard has encountered an exception!

Woopsie. Sorry about that!

It could be due to a bug, or very low memory, or very low disk in the root (/) partition.

If your disk or memory are not critical, it's likely a bug.

If this persists, please file a bug report with as much detail as you can.

You will be redirected to a debug page with more information shortly.


#1 Updated by nagybal over 7 years ago

It is a fresh amahi 7.1 express DVD install. The dasboard works for a while and then crashes: see EM above. It redirect to the below second EM:

The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

Please report this error in Amahi Forums.

Or if you think this is a bug, better yet, report it in the Amahi tracker under "platform --> new issue".

#2 Updated by nagybal over 7 years ago

After an other short period of time this Error page ( crashes as well. If I refresh I just get:

Application error
Rails application failed to start properly

#3 Updated by cpg over 7 years ago

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check the contents of /var/hda/platform/html/logs/production.log for errors and report here what are the errors.

it's common for this to happen if your root partition is full and there is no free disk space.

#4 Updated by nagybal over 7 years ago

It is indeed the case. I dont understand why is amahi creating the network shares here? My movies share (/var/hda/files/movies) just got full of big fat MKVs really quick.

Partition Total Free Used Mount Point
/dev/sda1 190 MB 115 MB 60.8 MB (35%) /boot
/dev/sda2 176 GB 167 GB 59.4 MB (1%) /home
/dev/sda6 45.9 GB 4.51 MB 43.5 GB (100%) /

Or You could add this extra stepp to the installation guide.

What do You advise? Shall I just rebuild the whole system without this extra /home partition?

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 over 7 years ago

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#6 Updated by cpg over 7 years ago

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i agree we need to add guidance on this. i will see if i can do it in the next few hours.

thanks for the suggestion. it's a good idea.

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