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amahi icons and branding

Added by cpg about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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so far i see a couple of things we will have to replace, as far as branding icons for the app.

besides all the other ones for the store, etc. we have:

  • top icon while the app is open (currently a droid with a cube in the belly)
  • app icon (currently plain droid)

this is something i can contribute to the app. please let me know what the requirements are.

there apparently was a leak (according to artur) that the guidelines will change in the next google io. maybe we can wait until then, but it seems so far away .. i would like to do a beta to others sooner than that!


#1 Updated by ming about 8 years ago

Let’s name things first. The top icon is a logo, the app icon is a launcher icon.

Sizes. We need HDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI for both icons. Exact sizes in pixels are here, look for the table.

Launcher icon. Guide and post. I suggest using Asset Studio with shape set to square. Just take the icon and apply it to the shape.

Logo. It is more complex. For sizes look for the action bar column at the table I mentioned above. The logo should be monochrome and completely flat. If we going to use colored action bar (probably we will) the logo should be white. For examples look at the Google Music and Google Books. It is not documented yet, but commonly used.

#2 Updated by ming about 8 years ago

Alternative to the white flat logo is just logo itself without square applied.

#3 Updated by megabitdragon about 8 years ago

I added the launcher icon. I liked it better without the white square but I'll let Carlos have the final word on this.

#4 Updated by ming about 8 years ago

It’s great you listened my words guys ;-) But seriously—we should consider guidelines first and / or just discuss design before pushing. Just saying if you wish to involve me as well.

#5 Updated by megabitdragon about 8 years ago

Of course we can discuss design based on guidelines. We can even talk about that tomorrow in the meeting. We can always change if we don't like it.

#6 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

here are other places/uses i think we will need icons:
  • when there is nothing in a folder: we should definitely not use words. rather than emtpy we can put a large greyed out icon of something that denotes there are none, or an amahi logo
  • LAN mode vs. Remote mode: a LAN icon vs. a Satellite icon (i suggested this before)
  • one icon to launch preferences (when we have them)
  • one icon to log out
  • maybe one for feedback .. (once we add a simple way to add feedback)

#7 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

This paid icon pack suggested by ming is a good reference to have.

I see it does not seem to have some things like a LAN icon or a Satellite icon, however, it's a nice, consistent set and we should keep it in mind when the time comes for tackling this.

#8 Updated by cpg over 7 years ago

pretty large collection from Google for material design icons

Also available in: Atom