Feature #1412

add development option to not download from the mirror

Added by cpg about 8 years ago.

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we have a mirror system and it's not well maintained.

today we found a situation in development where the original download failed when the platform installed an app, however, by hand the download looked ok.

the platform has a back-up strategy to try to get the file from (search for this in the source code). however, it's not well maintained and sometimes it fails. the "file" downloaded is saved into a file called with a name that is the expected sha1sum. if the file is not found, what is downloaded is a 404 html file. this is not a problem unto itself, because the next attempt at installing the app will realize the sha1sum fails anyway.

however, because the mirror attempt does not check on the status of the returned file, it will overwrite the (failed) initial download, preventing us to see why the original download failed. by looking at the file, we might be able to tell what happened. sometimes there is a message there in the file.

what this request is all about is to add an option, so that the mirror is not accessed. this way it lets us see the result of the original download.

it can be in a config file like config/hda.yml, say skip_mirror_download -- (defaults to false) and restarting the server is ok.

there probably are more keystrokes involved in writing this up than implementing this feature :)

we really should document the downloader and cache architecture. it's widely believed to not have any bugs, but still.

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