Bug #1425

Couchpotato Stops functioning after "apt-get upgrade"

Added by bdaz about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Couchpotato application continues to load, but most of User Experience doesn't display (only top banner, search box, etc.) When entering a search time in the search box and applying, the following error is captured in the log:

06-04 23:57:21 ERROR [ couchpotato.core.event] Error in event "", that wasn't caught: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/couchpotato/core/", line 12, in runHandler
return handler(*args, **kwargs)
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/couchpotato/core/providers/movie/themoviedb/", line 64, in search
raw =
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/libs/themoviedb/", line 700, in search
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/libs/themoviedb/", line 317, in search
etree = XmlHandler(url).getEt()
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/libs/themoviedb/", line 91, in getEt
xml = self._grabUrl(self.url)
File "/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html/libs/themoviedb/", line 85, in _grabUrl
raise TmdHttpError(errormsg)
TmdHttpError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
encoding=UTF-8 debug=False args=['--daemon', '--pid_file=/var/run/couchpotato/'] app_dir=/var/hda/web-apps/couchpotato/html data_dir=/root/.couchpotato desktop=None options=Namespace(config_file='/root/.couchpotato/settings.conf', console_log=False, daemon=True, data_dir=None, debug=False, pid_file='/var/run/couchpotato/', quiet=False)

I uninstalled and reinstalled Couchpotato to try and correct the error. And now only a directory listing is displayed.

Searching on the Internet in Couchpotato forums, the software developers stated that upgrading to the newest version of Couchpotato should solve this problem?


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 about 8 years ago

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Updated to latest version, 2.4.0. Please test and report back if this is resolved.

#2 Updated by bdaz about 8 years ago

Worse. Now, after installing the website won't load at all - Chrome reports "The Webpage is unavailable". Checking install logs the chown command fails with invalid user "couchpotato". log below:

======= app install begin @ Wed Jun 11 21:30:28 -0400 2014 ==========
Installing app id r70fzy414f under /var/hda/platform/html ENV=production
NOTE: file /tmp/amahi-download-cache/63c0f89a2d49c7bf1e3b7425f48ff3d2b322d800 written in cache
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Your HDA services have been restarted.
Adding system startup for /etc/init.d/couchpotato ...
/etc/rc0.d/K20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc1.d/K20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc6.d/K20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc2.d/S20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc3.d/S20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc4.d/S20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/rc5.d/S20couchpotato -> ../init.d/couchpotato
/etc/default/couchpotato not found using default settings.
chown: invalid user: `couchpotato'
App: CouchPotato installed ======= app install end @ Wed Jun 11 21:30:37 -0400 2014 ==========

Now when I try running the service manually (/etc/init.d/couchpotato start) it fails with "user 'couchpotato' not found.

Note, this user was never required on previous installs (to my knowledge)

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 about 8 years ago

Will do some testing on my end. We typically do not update apps for unsupported Amahi OS versions, but I made an exception here. I hope it does not come back to haunt me.

Will let you know once I have it sorted out.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 about 8 years ago

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Ok, I got it working now. Please test and report back.

#5 Updated by bdaz about 8 years ago

All fixed. Thanks bigfoot65!

#6 Updated by bdaz about 8 years ago

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#7 Updated by bigfoot65 about 8 years ago

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Verified resolved by user.

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