Bug #1432

feedback from review of 0.2 version

Added by cpg about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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  • install as a subtab of Disks
  • the subtab should show as "Add"
  • move the "Disks Current in Use" to the bottom
  • move the Back/Next buttons to under the partition/disk selector
  • do not mention "Disk Wizard" to the user, example in "Warning! You should select a Device or a Partition to continue with the Disk-Wizard"
  • in Choose file system step:
    • remove the interactive /dev/sda chooser
    • the "format entire disk" table is confusing to use
    • The "Select a file system type" should default to ext4
    • consider using a pull-down menu for the file systems (still defaulting to ext4) -- we can leave this for the future
  • in the Options step:
    • "What wouldd you like to do?"
    • First option: "Mount this drive automatically"
    • Typo in "_storage_ pool"
    • Remove expertimental feature and restructure the table to just show the mount automatically option
  • in the Confirmation step:
    • typo ... Confirmation with a capital C
    • no worries about the pie chart for now
    • right table should have a title: the label of the drive
    • then operations, properly aligned (maybe use numbers?)
    • the table should contain the "Apply Changes" button and the "Back"
  • use separate cookie from session


#1 Updated by tmkasun about 8 years ago

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I have fix almost all the suggestions stated in here, except
consider using a pull-down menu for the file systems
and update the app in so now it can be tested in HDA.
here is the summary of update.

  • Navigation buttons bring to top of the page
  • Remove confusing table headers in choose file system step
  • Reduce options in What would you like to do? step to one option
  • Changed some elements of the look and feel of the confirmation step, more clear placement of buttons and table alignments.
  • add new debug information page.
  • New exception handler page,this will show exception message in more intuitive way,avoid showing spinner continuously if an exception occurs(More on bug 1433)

#2 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

will you pump up the version/release and update the app so we can install it?
i only see version 0.2 listed.

#3 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

great work!

except the rails exception we got yesterday, i think the next major portion of work is to use the existing layout for the setup pages.

i.e. seeing the usual header, tabs, etc.

once that is in place, i think we can concentrate on the exception and we start a testing program.

#4 Updated by tmkasun about 8 years ago

Finally now the plugin get installed into the existing plugin area of the platform
A re-installation of the Disk-Wizard plugin would be enough to see the new layouts.

Still the Rails exception we got last time is there,i think it is somewhat related to LVM partition types so we can handle that separately(May be separate bug for that).

i think the plugin is now in a good shape for testing.

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

The disk wizard had some problems for me. I had an unpartitioned disk and it would not go past the second step. It identified there was no partition, but no option to create one.

The existing disks were scrunched together as well. As I progressed through the wizard, at one point I was prompted to add a label. When I tried, nothing happened.

More to follow as I test further.

#6 Updated by tmkasun almost 8 years ago

bigfoot65: Thanks for the feedbacks.
If you use 'dd' command to clear the partition table, please refresh(click on the refresh button in the first step) the device list before you continue in the wizard.

In the second step, if device has no partitions, still it should show "Format entire disk" option to use the entire disk space and create a new partition on it.Like shown below

Regarding the partition_label issue,Could you please give us more details about "nothing happened".
If you select to mount the partition and provide a label.

It should be appear in the confirmation page.Like below

And finally after completing the wizard, newly formatted partition should be shown under the "Disk currently in use" section in the first step of the wizard.

If you got a different output or result other than the expected outcomes please provide us some screenshots or debug information URL and that would be really helpful.
If an error occurred during the execution phase, it will show an error message with a button "Get Debug information".

You can use that to generate the debug information URL

And also you can always generate fpast URL with debug information by going to


#7 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

I will test tomorrow and report results.

#8 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

Please see my comments in other bug.

#9 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

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