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local connection is misplaced

Added by cpg about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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these two things just seem weird to me:

especially the "LOCAL CONNECTION" line, as we discussed before. it's just out of place.

i have proposed we use one of these to denote the state

  • an icon that changes with the mode
  • a change in the color of the nav bar

there is another option, an icon on the bar that has the battery and wifi indicator.

let's discuss and get to something sensible and clean/simple/unobtrusive.


#1 Updated by megabitdragon about 8 years ago

The branch containing the switch look better in my opinion.

#2 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

I just do not see any reason why this should be in the drawer to begin with -- it's not navigational in nature -- it's a settings control.

This is what it looks like in a Nexus 5 ..

i barely have any space to scroll on the shares. granted my fingers are fat, but i tried it on my son's htc phone and it's just cramped and i have some difficulty scanning for the share i want (I have 20 shares and i typically am looking for the TV share).

in fact, once the server is selected, it does not need to be there at all either. its taking space unnecessarily. but that is a whole other discussion (i have not thought of any solution for this and i do not think we should think about it yet at this time).

#3 Updated by ming about 8 years ago

About the spinner—it is pure default one, actually I don’t know myself why some default views have different proportions out of the box. I can try to make it less though if you wish.

About the connection indicator—I have no great solutions actually, we discussed it with Bogdan some time ago. Color change is still something confusional for me—personally I cannot associate color with the LAN / Remote mode, maybe it is just a habit. The icon at the action bar or the status bar will actually duplicate the status bar network indicator. Don’t know really, I have nothing to promote. Actually Bogdan has a thought of changing Amahi logo color at the action bar (the one at the top left).

About the shares scrolling—it is a limitation of using multiple widgets at the navigation drawer. Typically only ListView is used and you can use all navigation drawer’s area for scrolling. The current layout is Spinner + ListView, so it should be wrapped into a ScrollView, but ScrollView doesn’t work with inner ListView. Yes, it is weird.

#4 Updated by cpg about 8 years ago

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i don't know what is "the spinner" you refer to, sorry, can you clarify what you are taking about there?
(for me spinner has a meaning in web/mobile development -- an icon, tyically a gif, that looks like spins to keep the impression that the user should wait)

an icon in the action bar will not duplicate the network icon: i can easily be in wifi at a friends house and be remote to my HDA.

the user needs to know (i pointed this out before) because our app can consume a LOT of data streaming movies or downloading large files.

about what's on the drawer .. what we have now is ok (not great), as far as server, but the LAN/Remote (these are the user visible names we will use in documentation or tutorials) has zero business being there, imho. it takes space unnecessarily and it just does not belong there.

#5 Updated by ming about 8 years ago

Spinner is the view with servers.

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