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Drawer navigation

Added by megabitdragon almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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The drawer would only contain the following items.
Server spinner.

The server can be selected from the spinner.
Shares and apps will open a new activity /fragment with the actual shares or apps.


#1 Updated by ming almost 8 years ago

I still think that settings belong to the drawer. It is a top navigation item. If it is at the action bar it can make sense of shares or apps related settings and these settings are app-level obviously. Another reason—overflow items are shown only via the hardware menu button on devices without software navigation (hello Samsung), so it can simply be not seen. At a larger scale—current settings are mostly useless: connection type will be obsolete with proper auto implementation; the account can be removed at the OS settings; feedback, rating and version can be accessed via Google Play. But anyway, this is your choice, not going to complain about it again.

#2 Updated by megabitdragon almost 8 years ago

I agree with you about the settings. Let's discuss it tonight. Regarding the connection, we will keep it until we are sure the auto detection works without a hitch. Regarding the logout, a few people raised security concerns and it is there more for piece of mind. Plus it is easier to logout from the app than going to the accounts.

#3 Updated by ming almost 8 years ago

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Done. You can check just the settings-at-drawer branch, it moves settings to the drawer as well (just for comparison).

#4 Updated by ming almost 8 years ago

I’m a bit confused about settings placing. Per current guidelines it should be an action bar item. Per future guidelines — a drawer item, but examples like this confuse me. The current Google Docs (not Drive) app for Android keeps settings at the drawer, desktop Google Drive—at the toolbar. And both try to adapt new material design.

#5 Updated by megabitdragon almost 8 years ago

Things are changing with android and we can't predict what the guidelines are going to be. Let's just not worry about this for now and focus on other stuff. It is not hard to move them from one place to the other if needed. I will try to look at your commits but with the World Cup final starting shorty is going to be hard. ;)

#6 Updated by ming almost 8 years ago

Fair enough, then leave it at the action bar for now.

#7 Updated by megabitdragon almost 8 years ago

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