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back-back-back behavior

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when clicking back multiple times, it's very annoying that the app just closes (i.e. it vanishes) if you tap it once too many. someone brought this up and a few people agreed that this is annoying.

it does not really exit. if i click on the windows button, i still see it's running.

we asked the users proposing three behaviors:

1) do nothing when it reaches the top of the share
2) do some small flashing or minor visual indication the app is at the top of the hierarchy
3) confirm to close, with a pop up asking "Do you really want to close the app?". this could become annoying?

one user said they prefer 3, though i would favor option 2.

we need to decide one how to avoid this closing behavior in a simple way.


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This is how the platform works, fixing it will require to ignore the OS.

There is no “windows button”—it is the recents screen. Applications are killed via OS, there is no “exit” in traditional way.

Actually, the suggested drawer restructure will move the files screen to a separate one, so “back sequence” will be better understandable visually. Currently #1466 is blocked by #1411, but I suggest to wait until #1466 will be closed and return to this question again then.

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