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No more up navigation

Added by megabitdragon about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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After the new drawer navigation there is no more up navigation within folders. The action bar navigation takes you back to the shares so if there are multiple levels of folders there is noway to move up to the parent folder.

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#1 Updated by megabitdragon about 7 years ago

I forgot about this. The drawer is only accessible from the shares fragment but not from inside individual shares. Since it is top navigation is should be accessible from anywhere.

#2 Updated by ming about 7 years ago

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Don’t quite understand the request, sorry. Personally I like the current navigation. For directories navigation you just use the back button, for returning to a share—the up button at the action bar. That makes it easy to return to shares without endless back button pressing. It is quite easy to understand, use and—as a bonus—it is a correct usage of the up navigation. My suggestion—maybe we can try to put some kind of path indicator at the action bar (as a subtitle for example) and then try to move to a spinner like the Document Storage Framework I showed you some time ago. But the spinner has its flows as well—it will block the up navigation, so returning to a share will be painful. So my call is to add some path indication and listen to users.

About the drawer anywhere. I consider the files activity as a viewer for shares. When there will be apps you choose the app and you’ll see the app viewer. So the files activity is at the same level of hierarchy as the app viewer. Hopefully we all understand that the drawer for viewers is kind of out of place. But let’s consider your suggestion. You open the app, see the drawer, choose shares, choose a share, the files activity opens, open the drawer, choose shares. What’s next? Kill the activity? Open a new one? Replace the fragment? I just try to think about the drawer as a navigation similar to tabs—it helps to avoid confusion, the drawer itself is a confusing element itself.

#3 Updated by megabitdragon about 7 years ago

I see your first point. Let's wait for user feedback. I rarely use the back button so maybe I am not the best sample point.

For the drawer part I don't totally agree. Right now to get from a specific share to apps, you need one touch, swipe and touch again on the apps. I would like to eliminate the first touch. This is different from the tabs since tabs are always visible. Now what do we do when you are on the shares fragment and touch on the shares again? Maybe just refresh the shares list? Maybe just close the drawer?

#4 Updated by ming about 7 years ago

Basically the back navigation is far more important than the up navigation. Also, having both is a great confusion related to OS.

The reference to tabs was about a fact, that tabs are usually on a single screen only. Personally I don’t think that two touches are something scary. Especially if a single touch will cause the drawer-related confusion I described before. Currently when shares are displayed and you select them they will be loaded again. It is more about implementation details (on a navigation drawer items click the fragment is replaced), but it can be helpful in situations when something goes wrong, so left it as it is.

#5 Updated by megabitdragon about 7 years ago

I understand your point and it is a valid one in the case of apps. For the shares I am not so sure. Let's leave it like this and see how it comes together when the apps are in place.

#6 Updated by megabitdragon about 7 years ago

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#7 Updated by megabitdragon about 7 years ago

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After user feedback here is how navigation should work.

1. Navigation drawer should be accessible from anywhere in the app. It will allow top level navigation from anywhere.
2. For the shares, the up navigation should be used to navigate up from deeper folders and not go straight to the shares. The back button should remain unchanged
3. For the apps, the up button should be used for back navigation withing the webview.

#8 Updated by ming about 7 years ago

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I hope you guys understand that this up behaviour you suggest is not any similar to guidelines suggested ideas or—more importantly—with the platform itself and its default and most popular apps. It is not iOS. Also, navigation drawer will lead to more confusion and massive code duplication. Anyway, you made a decision I cannot argue. I need a screen-by-screen diagram of whole application with description what is happening pressing which buttons, pressing navigation drawer items, what up indicators should be displayed, what screens should be displayed and destroyed regarding navigation drawer actions and what back stack should be. Because I have no idea how it should work like.

#9 Updated by cpg about 7 years ago

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