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We really need to work on our documentation for new users. It is scattered all over between forums, web site, and the wiki.

We need a basic getting started guide with tips and something to indicate what Amahi can do/provides. Plugins is a good example of something that will be new for users and should have some basic guidance on what they bring to the HDA.


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i did start a plugin wiki page.

overall, we do know we need to organize documentation and we round things up and update periodically.

the best thing would be to get examples of who is doing this sort of thing well and do a similar thing.

can you provide examples, or even better, provide leadership on this topic? others will be sure to follow, provided a clear direction/proposal is made.

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

Yes that page is helpful. I think what I am looking for is to create like a quick start guide or users guide as we started one before.

I will try to put together some type of outline and attach to the bug. I would be happy to lead this effort as I seem to spend a lot of time on documentation anyway LOL

#3 Updated by bsk almost 8 years ago

What kind of format are we looking to put this in? Are we wanting to put it on or are we wanting to make this into a .pdf, or slideshow, interactive guide, email, etc.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

I think it could be much like this wiki page:

Someone started this, now we need to just update and finish it. As you can see it's provided in different formats as well.

What I am hoping to do is come up with something that will help new users.

#5 Updated by cpg almost 8 years ago

We started ... maybe they need to be featured more?

and we could do more of them -- we have a summer intern that has skills on this area, but needs direction (for 4 more weeks).

#6 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

Excellent idea. We can do both, but the videos need to be done now obviously before the help disappears :)

I will try to draft up what I think we need and pass it on for review. We can then get something drafted for the intern to follow.

#7 Updated by cpg almost 8 years ago

last summer i roped my son into producing them, and also into documenting a little the process we followed to produce these screencasts

i can do the voice overs, for consistency. it's the rest that takes some time and planning to make something that makes sense to the user.

#8 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

Yea I remember. I think I did voice over for one of them :)

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