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report on using the app on android tv

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we got to try the app on an ADT-1 on a tv today. just for the record, here are the issues i saw.
also for the record, it was tested on a build with this commit
and the machine is on API20 at this time.

usability issues:
  • logging in is hard. while the other system settings and other apps like netflix feature some highlight on the keyboard, when the keyboard comes up in our app, the selected letter is barely visibly "bold". it's so hard to see that only moving the cursor around helps to see where the selection is. it could be because the system settings and the nexflix app are both running on a dark theme?
  • once logged in, there appears to be no clear way to select shares. moving the controller around does not show much. eventually i came up with this: moving up makes a small clicking noise and then at that point the one can move down and there is a "selection" that gets to the server and shares.
  • going into the settings is hard -- one has to guess that it was "selected" by moving the controller top right and then clicking
  • it's easy to accidentally log yourself out
  • the keyboard covers all fields but the line just entered, because it takes 1/2 of the screen. this was the reason that in iOS we positioned things from about the middle of the screen up (at least the neflix app does the same thing).
  • crashes when trying to play a movie (seemingly any movie). it does not look like the ANR was captured
  • playing music works well, including arwork. the top nav is no longer all partially transparent, there is some sort of blue area under the logo and the title


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