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feedback from review of v0.4.0 version

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great job on v0.4.0!

i tried to format my usb flash disk. i found only minor issues:

  • could not set the label of the device. when i clicked on "mount it permanently", the label menu comes up and when clicking on the text field to input the label, the whole thing goes away, and the mount permanently checkbox is automatically unchecked.
  • final message alert "All disks operations has been completed successfully!" should be "All disks operations have been completed successfully!"
  • i inspected the device and mounted it by hand. it shows on the Disks tab, etc. however, i went to the Disks > Add and it detected it to be formatted again, even though it was already mounted
  • i was give the option again to format or format the whole disk again
  • i missed an option to mount it once only, not permanently

overall, i was happy to see it worked in a case like this and i am hopeful we can start to test it in more devices.


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

I tested this with a blank unpartitioned drive. When selecting mount this drive automatically, you are prompted for a label. When clicking on the box to enter the label, mount this drive becomes unchecked and the label form disappears.

I selected mount this drive again and proceeded with the next step. It appeared to complete operations correctly. The drive is mounted and showed up in the Storage Pool of Greyhole UI as available. I selected it.

I think there should be an option to name the mount point. It appears to default to the device mount point, i.e. /dev/sdb1 = /var/hda/files/drives/sdb1

I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but the whole wizard process seems to be a little sluggish in my opinion. It may be the machine I am using, but expected it to be a little snappier.

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

There was a problem with the line added to /etc/fstab. When I rebooted the machine, it would not boot. Went into maintenance mode. Once I added back the hda-diskmount line, all was well.

I did notice settings are a little different than we recommend in the wiki. Said auto instead of the filesystem type and did not include default2 1 2.

#3 Updated by tmkasun almost 8 years ago

Thanks cpg and bigfoot65 for the feedback It seems that some issue were common in both,
I will go by the order which cpg has list the issues

  • Input tag for get the name of the label,was placed inside the <label> tag for mount check box,So that when you click on the input field it toggles the check box status.
  • It's just typo(final message)
  • Thanks for point out that bug , it has happened because we only looked at the /etc/fstab entries(permanent mount) for mounted devices ignoring the mounted devices/partitions which do not have fstab entry(temporary mounts).I have fixed that in here
  • Yes it again gives options to format or format entire device because of the above reason.
  • Yes that option is missing , IMHO we should only allow flash/removable devices to mount them temporarily not a permanent mount.or at least we should warn the user when he is trying to permanent mount(adding an entry to fstab) his device.Because if user add an fstab entry for his removable device and later if he unplug the flash disk from HDA.That would cause a similar issue which bigfoot65 has mention above. because corresponding device is missing for the fstab entry.

Yes good point can give an option to name the mountpoint, for now what we do is , we use the label as the name of the mount point.since you might unable to give a label,because the label form disappears,it use the kernal name as the default label.and use the same name for the mount point as well.

Yes there was a little lag in the final process,I thought it's just happens to me. That lag actually occurs when executing the

command, it takes long time to finish execution.IMO even there is an actual delay because of the hardware or any other fact, in our side we can frequently update the user about what is going on behind the seen(with ajax messages).currently it is not happening very accurately.

Thanks for highlight this point , yes there was an issue with updating /etc/fstab , and we use some library for manipulating fstab file, so the problem was fstab library execute some commands without superuser privileges which cause to get invalid results.fstab library also use

to get the UUID and other information of a partition, but because it is executed with normal user(apache), it return some outdated informations.(like UUID), so that it add a fstab entry with invalid attribute, that is what cause to fails the reboot.I have update the library, but moreover we need to update it(fstab library) to check the validity of the fstab file before actually writing to it.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

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Tested new version with positive results. No errors. I tried a disk that had no partition and one with a partition.

I was able to partition, format, and mount the drive with no issues. Also did a disk with an existing partition and mounted it with no problems.

I rebooted the server each time after the mount to ensure it mounted on boot. No issues here either.

It seemed to work quicker this time for me as well. If there is anything specific I need to test, please let me know.

#5 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

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App was released, so presume this bug can be closed.

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