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Drupal Install does not install correct version

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I have had Drupal 7.22 installed. Wish to upgrade to 7.30. I uninstall Drupal via dashboard. I reboot my machine. Goto Available Apps and install Drupal---in installs 7.22 rather than the expected 7.30 version. As instructed I run: rm -rf /var/hda/tmp/amahi-download-cache/* then uninstall Drupal then reboot machine then install Drupal and still in installs 7.22. I have attached my amahi-app-installer.log for reference.

amahi-app-installer.log View (1.01 KB) trebor, 08/04/2014 06:47 AM


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Verified Amahi 7, Fedora 19 app version does not align with this problem. It installs 7.30 and there is no restore routine as reflected in the attached log. I have tested myself and not able to replicate this problem.

The users system info is as follows:
System 3.11.1-200.fc19.x86_64 ,x86_64
Platform 7.4.0-1
Core 5.3.0-1

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Looking at the log what I see is it downloaded the 7.22 source file and 7.22 patch. The checksums listed in the log match those file versions as verified in the Ubuntu app version.

Not sure why his system is caching the old version. I am at a loss and don't know what else to do to resolve this one.

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Any update to this trebor?

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