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New ownCloud Release: Version 7.0.1

Added by northridgegrp almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I have been monitoring the developer and forum channels and with this new release there are still some annoying issues (i.e. Photos, possible Contacts syncing problems). However, at some point, we have to get started with packaging and testing on the "beta" side of things.

Please update the Amahi owncloud Clone Clone (if this is still the release control naming) Package with this release.

So shall we begin?

New ownCloud Release: Version 7.0.1

  • Set maximum width for notification so they don't overlap the whole header
  • Don't preload videos on public sharing
  • Fix preview size calculation under certain conditions
  • Fix to always show all available versions in the versions dropdown
  • Support WebDAV copy operation and make encryption aware of it
  • Make sure to set the expire date if a date is set as default
  • Improved link icon for better UX
  • Fix rendering of blank template
  • Only call exec if is is enabled by PHP
  • Limit app menu icon size
  • Show a warning in the personal settings and admin settins if the encyption keys are not yet initialized
  • Always remove share permission if user is excluded from sharing
  • Add OCS api call to set expire date for link shares
  • Improved db schema migration for sqlite
  • Don't try to execute background jobs that no longer exist
  • Improve look of search on mobile, save space in top bar
  • Set core version after a successful update to make upgrade more robust of app upgrades fail
  • Verify whether download URLs are valid
  • Fix preview animation on uploading
  • Prevent cron.php to trigger apps updating
  • Fix remote share when remote server is installed at the root
  • Fix files sorting
  • Fix calendar import
  • Fix gallery pause icon
  • Several contacts fixes specifically for PHP 5.3
  • Make updater more robust


Prior Initial Product Release: 7.0.0

  • New files view including sorting and endless scrolling
  • Server to Server sharing
  • Sharing overview
  • Improved sharing admin control
  • No more mandatory Shared folder
  • Improved ownCloud Documents features
  • Hugely improved Activity app including email notifications
  • Mobile optimized webinterface
  • Password strength indicator
  • Significant speed improvements
  • New user-management
  • Support for Swift object stores
  • Email configuration wizard
  • Email template editor
  • Improved upgrade process


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback
  • Assignee changed from bigfoot65 to northridgegrp

Updated ownCloud 6 Clone. Will be renamed to ownCloud 7.

Installed with no errors. Database upgrade appeared to go fine. Once logged in, the dashboard looks to have some misaligned attributes. Not sure if it was just on my machine.

Balls in your court :)

#2 Updated by northridgegrp almost 8 years ago

Did a first time install of ownCloud 7 to see what it is like. NICE. Created one normal user, worked fine. Add some applications and they worked fine.

Will test upgrade from OC 6.0.4 to 7.0.1 next.

Note: During the install of the Amahi OC 7 package I noticed that there were no status message coming up indicating where the install was at. Note sure if this is a new feature or an issue. Application still installed correctly.

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 almost 8 years ago

Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not in the dashboard. I watch the amahi-app-installer.log file myself as it gives me a better idea what's going on.

#4 Updated by northridgegrp almost 8 years ago

Before going through Amahi package testing I decided to do a manual install of this version of ownCloud on my Raspberry Pi bench project. While doing the testing I discovered some rather "quirky" things but managed to get them fixed with work arounds. Not sure if they will effect the Amahi package as yet.

I noticed today on the ownCloud Developer channel that a new version 7.0.2 will be released this week. Not sure what bug fixes are planned in this next release. I think I will wait until I see the release notes before we decide what to do with this current tracker issue.

#5 Updated by northridgegrp almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

There were some pretty quirky things with this release. In particular some long standing ownCloud applications would not install from their App Store. Also discovered a new feature (actually stumbled in to it via error message) that actually appeared in v6.x, "trusted domain", neat feature with no external option settings in the "admin user" panel. It adds an additional layer of security access to the ownCloud. Will document this new feature in the wiki in the near future.

A v7.0.2 release is coming shortly along with a v6.x maintenance release. It is best to close this issue and open a new one for the next release.

#6 Updated by ericsante over 7 years ago

7.0.3 is now out and I believe it addresses many of the issues reported here, I would like to help in building the alpha / beta / prod packages. Please let me know how I can get involved with this project supporting this package.

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