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disk wizard allowing system drive to be changed / formated.

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after the web page loads I'm given the option to select the main system drive, in doing so I could format the system drive. Is it possible to remove the system drive from the list when first loading the web page.
this maybe be design but I think that this could lead to more problems.

the attached image shows the system drive that was selected and then I could format the boot partition.
also I have inserted a cropped image of the page before as I have two drive the same and this could be the problem.

/dev/sda the system drive.
/dev/sdc new drive not mounted or formatted.

Disk-Wizard (System drive format).jpg View (88.5 KB) mattman, 08/27/2014 03:34 PM


#1 Updated by tmkasun about 7 years ago

Thank for pointing out this issue,yes it is possible for someone to format a system partition unknowingly.
In your case you were able to select the device which has the root file system,Because there is an unmounted partition on it,Currently we list all the partitions on the device which has selected on the first step,regardless of it is already mounted on the HDA or not,that's why you see those system mount point in the list.

I can suggest one solution,

We can skip showing the mounted partitions on the device and show only the unmounted partitions, so that users can't select system mounts to continue with the wizard,
and at the same time we can hide the format_entire disk option when a disk contains the operating system or root partition(/).

#2 Updated by mattman about 7 years ago

Hi Tmkasun
Yes, the suggest sounds like a good idea not showing any mounted partition also yes I agree in that there should be no format entire disk option when the disk contains the root partition.
Kind Regards

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I have been testing Disk Wizard on GSoC 2019 and I never have seen when testing, Closing this log now

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