Bug #1548

hda-ctl doesn't update /etc/resolv.conf using db settings

Added by ebruni almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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In sub print_resolver instead of

printf $RSLV "nameserver $net.$self\n";
printf $RSLV "nameserver $net.$self\n";

change in

printf $RSLV "nameserver " . $settings{'dns_ip_1'} . "\n";
printf $RSLV "nameserver " . $settings{'dns_ip_2'} . "\n";

not_working.png View - this configuration doesn't work because resolver use .30 which haven't a DNS server active (8.99 KB) ebruni, 09/17/2014 02:18 PM


#1 Updated by cpg almost 8 years ago

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thanks for filing the bug, however, note that this is not really how things work -- the DNS server in and HDA network is the HDA itself, using dnsmasq, which itself makes use of the dns_ip_1 and dns_ip_2 upstream.

#2 Updated by ebruni almost 8 years ago

Ok, I reset your original hda_ctl, but what happens if I disable Server DNS on HDA? because if I enable server DNS all works fine but if I disable it, hda cannot resolve FQDN. I supposed that if I enabled Server DNS, hda would used the local dnsmasq and if I disabled it, HDA would used my DNS directly but resolv.conf continue to use HDA itself also if I said it that there is no DNS server enabled on HDA.

#3 Updated by cpg almost 8 years ago

If the DNS server is disabled, any client that uses your HDA for DNS will not resolve any DNS. Including the HDA itself.

The HDA itself has to be able to resolve local DNS names, for example to be able to proxy webapps. Using an external DNS would break web apps even if another DNS server in the LAN is used and has proper entries for names-to-IP-addresses.

#4 Updated by ebruni almost 8 years ago

Well, if nothing works if I disable Server DNS via your web interface, doesn't be it better if you remove this checkbox so we aren't able to disable this mandatory service?

#5 Updated by cpg almost 8 years ago

that is arguable, but in some cases, e.g. debugging, testing and some advance users requested this feature in the past.

i believe these features do not show unless "advanced settings" are enabled and there is a proper warning of what that entails.

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