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.MOV video files

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Hello all, i'm unable to play .MOV video files created with an iPhone. (imported with iPhoto, and then copied to the server share as flat, .mov files)
it would be great to play home movies from the amahi app without doing any file conversion.



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Good catch!

Workaround: I found that renaming the file to .mov (in small caps) works.

This is either a bug in the server or the app. Will update soon.

#2 Updated by thehurns over 7 years ago

Wow! Fast response. Very acceptable work around. I look forward to an update! The W.A.F. is inversely proportional to the number of steps involved. (W.A.F, of course, is the wife acceptance factor.)

#3 Updated by cpg over 7 years ago

early investigation reveals that our back-end server software does not appear to be at fault and that the app makes the same requests both the time that works and the time that it does not work (to the same exact movie file).

the client app calls the built-in media player from ios. i really hope apple is not doing something nefarious or otherwise untoward.

the problem we have now is -- how to debug this, because the app passes the stream to the built-in library player from the OS, so we can't quite go deep in debugging it.

changing the extension to MP4/mp4 causes the same results. changing it to MKV/mkv causes the app to choose the VLC media player library, which plays it just fine with either name!

the big hammer approach would be to switch to the VLC media player no matter what!

more soon with device logs.

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