Bug #1608

the dashboard should show a warning when being accessed as an IP address

Added by cpg over 7 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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if the platform is accessed as



then it behaves like it does usually.

but if it’s accessed as an IP .. like ……

then the platform should show something visibly … like at the top of each layout, that tells the user that their client machine may not be using the HDA for DNS
pointing them to a page (that opens in a separate tab) to a wiki page explaining the issue and showing what we recommend:

  • turn off DHCP in the router and
  • restart the networking (or the OS) in their clients

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I have implemented this feature
I have created a method that checks for hostname if the hostname is a valid ip then it gives a flash info
a msg and a warning link. Since the string contains a warning link I am rendering it in a view with additional html_safe

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The current method implemented in Amahi 11 does not work as intended.

I am not using Amahi for DNS or DHCP server and can access my HDA using http://hda.

Doing so, the message does not appear. If I use IP address it does.

In my opinion, this feature does not add any value. Recommend we remove it or find a better method for determining if a client is using the HDA for DNS other than by IP address.

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