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VNC App Install Failure

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The Amahi VNC app is continuously failing on install for Amahi 7. This may be due to the @gnome dependency installed as part of the application. I have a suspician the install script may be timing out before it can complete.

There are potential issues where the app install failure causes issues with Samba. These are details in the forums from various users describing this problem. I will consolidate them and add as much as I can locate here to help with debugging.


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I have tested this myself and had issues. The first time it installs, it takes too long to install the @gnome dependency and times out. You then get the app failure message in the Dashboard.

I then refreshed the tab and installed a second time. I get the app failure message again, however the app is installing. I verified this by doing top and noticed Yum was heavily engaged doing the install.

I monitored the amahi-app-installer.log file and it eventually completed installing. A quick check of the Installed Apps indicated it was installed. I was able to access the remote desktop using VNC viewer with no additional issues.

I did notice that the VNC Server in the Servers tab reflected stopped. I did a restart followed by a refresh of the service and it showed as running.

This app is very resource intensive on install, so that is my speculation as to why it fails initially. This may or may not be connected to users complaints of Samba being broken. I did not see any similar issues myself.

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This forums thread contains many of the failures documented by users.

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Tested install on pristine Amahi 7 VM and replicated error. Samba was dead. It took 2 tries to get VNC installed.

The @gnome package installs/updates 649 packages which is a huge amount for the script to handle and often why the app install times out.

Part of the @gnome package included qemu and libvirt which I found was odd. There is also a kernel update as well, so a reboot is desirable.

Running a test now to see if I install the @gnome package first, reboot, then install the app. If it works, then there is a workaround. This is not ideal nor desired behavior for an app. We may need to find a smaller desktop package to install in hopes it works better.

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That process appears to have worked. VNC is working and Samba is fine. This appears to be a valid work around.

As much as I hate to admit it, we might want to move VNC back to BETA until we can find a one-click solution. We could update the manual guidance in the wiki to match the App.

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VNC has been moved back to ALPHA status per cpg's request.

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we'll not fix it in amahi 7. and it's giving trouble in amahi 8, so we're disabling it too.

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