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Add toolbar frame above web apps with links to HDA tools for that app

Added by spatialguru about 13 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Add toolbar frame above web apps with links to HDA tools for that app - so that new web-app users have a clear way to get back to HDA and Amahi resources. In particular so they can have an easy link to that web-app's Wiki page or forum, plus that originally apps website. Could also have a link back to the web app set up pages for install/uninstall, etc.

Provide option to close/remove the toolbar, save setting in a cookie.

Basic mockup of idea here:


#1 Updated by ichat over 12 years ago

a problem with frames is that not all webrowsers render frame-sets the same way,
therefor frames have be depreciated by the W3C (webstandard organisation), long time ago,

thee is 2 ways of fixing this...

either force it upon the user... in some server-side include manager (with all kinds of apache hacks)....

or you can just edit the web-apps template and add the links yourself...
(or maybe we could help people) by providing amahi-ized themes for all the app whe provide .. where we do the template-hacks for you... ...

id propose that the later option be our best choice...
meaning that we need vulenteers to create some kind of 'theme' for amahi and make it for every app that supports it.. (creating the same look for all installed apps)

#2 Updated by bigfoot65 over 7 years ago

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