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At the Amahi-Homepage the tour needs to be updated, i.e. the part whith the old app-installer-gui ;)


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Tour part of the website is way out of date, some images I think are from f8 era.

#2 Updated by andyph666 almost 12 years ago

I owe cpg homework I think. It could use bulletpoints. A menu would be nice or a list of the different features so you don't have to keep pressing continue tour. If there is a big list of features people will be more interested and impressed. Otherwise you could just divide a lot of the things into sections like the file sharing, vpn, networking etc page to one page and put more pics of that and some text. Right now the entries look empty. Some of the text doesn't sound right :O and more pics would be nice.

Instead of the fedora background you could just show the real desktop for newbies like me to see how it will look like. Think the first page of the tour should say how easy it is to install a webserver, mysql, php and other time consuming web-apps. They can all be managed with the interactive amahi gui. Not sure if a lot of people know what most of the things are like VPN, AJAX etc. so perhaps clarifying that would be nice. I don't really know what ajax is so hehe. I'll add more but I've been busy all day hehe.

These features are missing:
DLNA / video streaming
Zoneminder / video surveillance
EyeOS / operating system within a browser
User-created webapps by the community
I'm sure theres more. Heres a start.

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the tour has been updated a of a few days ago. needs some more TLC, but the gross parts are done.

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