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Using wildcard DNS aliases (useful for two HDAs on the same network)

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I have two severs on my network one is my live server and the other is my test server this is vm
but I have use two Home Domain names like

these are not my really names on my network
I have been trying to get the second web apps work by changing the dns setting on the live server to *
but I was unable to change it using the web gui so just add amahi2 with the server ip address
then after that I used phpmyadmin to change the amahi2 to *
this is what I change so in the database hda_production in the table dns_aliases I change the name to *.fs2.hom

now all my apps install and work, I don't have to change the dns everytime, I install a new app

if I install wordpress on both servers
they both run from the hda menu

this is great for testing apps as the hda work like it the only one on the network with out a big change
you can run lots of hda on one network with no problems

DNS is Invalid.JPG View - Invalid dns (18.6 KB) rhglass, 06/09/2015 02:48 PM


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To be clear, the IP is pointing to the IP of the second HDA.

We just need to allow aliases. We have to do this carefully, or the DNS server could break if we just allow anything in and the user inputs junk. Once we lose the DNS server, things can go south pretty quickly.

#2 Updated by rhglass about 7 years ago

I have just install one more server for testing this will be my third server, the only problem I have now that I am unable to see the shares as they are all call HDA, How do I change the root share name to hda2 or hda3 , do I just rename the HDA folder on the server ?

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#4 Updated by rhglass over 5 years ago

It great that you are look at this , I am able to testing or help if need please just let me know

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BTW, the wiki guidance (updated recently) below might be helpful with this one:

#6 Updated by rhglass about 3 years ago

I just had Idea about this Feature request can this be created a plugin that can be installed on the main Amahi server a page that can see the other servers something like this

Amahi server 1 domain Enable disable

HDA2 amahi.net2

when the second server is Enable it will do the changes table dns_aliases I change the name to *.net2

it was just a thought and I am Happy to do any testing on the Feature if required

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I still want to be able to run two or more Amahi servers on the network, this just need to work from the installed, I have been thinking about this lately have a why this should work, I am going to closed this request and open a new feature request

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