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Amahi-plex web ui is running and I can update libraries but when I try to play a video it reports back 'There was a problem playing this item.' I have tried different videos and they all come back with the same message.
When I try to play the video on my NowTV box using Plex client it will just return to the video details page.
I have checked that the Amahi-plex service is running and it reports back that it is.
The only way to get it working again is to restart Amahi-plex I have to do this every day to get Amahi-plex working.
system is:-
System 3.19.7-200.fc21.x86_64 ,x86_64
Platform 7.5.2-1
Core 5.5.1-1

If logs files are needed just let me know where I can locate them and I will kindly update this bug report.

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oh, man, plex is such a beast.

we have limited bandwidth to deal with app-related internal issues.

we're going to try and do a new release of the server.

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Please give this rpm a try, with the following conditions:

  • DO NOT REINSTALL THE Amahi APP. It will show the same version as before, just update the actual rpm
  • DO NOT UNINSTALL THE APP or the previous RPM
  • Let it simmer for a few minutes ... we think the latest versions troll for media and it may take a bit to boot up before it's available
  • test it as much as possible
  • report any/all issues here, or else report All OK here

Install as root as follows:

rpm -Uvh

this new version installs the plex version

#3 Updated by Awetsock almost 7 years ago

Works like a champ. I followed your instructions and did not touch anything took about 5 minutes or so to update.

Once it was done, PLEX took a few minutes of sitting there to figure out where everything was at and it took right off. The only change I had to make was adding the "friendly" name back to the server. Streaming appears to working fine from my iPhone, iPad, and Tivo Roamio.

PLEX is now reporting: Version Up to date <-----

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this rpm has been released to our repo.

Also available in: Atom