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Time Machine Volume size resets after backup

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I followed the directions in the wiki to adjust the volume size to 500gb and restart the netatalk service as root. When I start up Time Machine on my MacBook Pro it shows xxx of 500GB. So it's working as it should, but at some point during or after the backup completes successfully, the main screen pops up again showing xxx of 934GB(My Hard Drive is 1TB). If I check the volume sparsebundle in Disk Utility in OSX while its backing up it shows the 934GB as the possible volume size. Is there another step to keeping the volume size to 500GB without it resetting itself to 934GB, the entire disk size?
I'm running MAC OSx 10.9.5 and the latest version of Amahi 7.1, downloaded and installed about 2 weeks ago.

Here is a copy of my AppleVolumes.Default file:

# AppleVolumes.default automatically generated by Amahi
:DEFAULT:options:tm volsizelimit:476837.15820312494,upriv,usedots
/mnt/f5a5d79e-abaa-48ba-b705-0b1a78836f28/amahi-time-machine "Time Machine" all$

Thank you in advance.

During Backup.png View - ATM Mac OSx screenshot during backup (132 KB) deathstarz, 09/07/2015 11:43 AM

Before Backup.png View - ATM Mac OSx screenshot before backup (140 KB) deathstarz, 09/07/2015 11:43 AM


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the line has a bad format. you followed the wiki properly -- but it had a bad descriptio. we updated it. it should look like this with a space after usedots:

:DEFAULT: options:tm,upriv,usedots volsizelimit:500000

after you try that, can you clarify:

  • why was the number 476837.15820312494? why not volsizelimit:50000 ?
  • did ATM attempt to use more than the limit?
  • if so, does it actually use more than the limit?
  • does the number get reset in the file?

basically, i am thinking it may be a reporting error, more than an actual brokenness in the limit.

there may be logs in /var/logs/afpd.log with something to show?

i reduced it to 200GB to see how it works and it imposed the limit for me, reporting that there is not enough space, probably because that is not enough to hold all my backups.

i raised it to 600gb and so far it seems to be working after one more backup took place.

I clarified the wiki page on setting the limit the Time Machine volume size

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close it if it works, or provide mroe feedback and assign it back to me.

#3 Updated by deathstarz over 6 years ago

Thank you for the quick response! I used the format you described for the DEFAULT: line and it is now reserving 524GB for the backup but after trying a test backup, the time machine application in OSX shows xxx of 934gb available after the backup complete.

I checked the file and nothing has changed, it still shows volsizelimit:500000.
I checked the sparsebundle and it shows correct using 217gb.
I used 476837.15820312494 originally as that is the number an online MiB converter gave me for 500gb.

When I restart the Time Machine Backup, the application shows "306gb of 524gb available" being backed up. During the backup process I looked in Disk Utility and the sparsebundle properties and while it shows the capacity of the Time Machine volume at 934gb, it says only 306gb is available for use. This means the volsizelimit option is working properly! It seems as though when the backup completes, and you are looking at the Time Machine opening screen it will show "306gb of 934gb available", which is describing how much space is left on the on the ATM volume based on the entire drive partition size. Once you initiate the backup it shows how much space you have available in the ATM volume based on the limitation entered in the AppleVolumes.DEFAULT file.

Im not sure if this is happening to everyone, but it was was slightly confusing to me, but now that I know it is functioning as it should, I am more than satisfied with ATM and especially with the support and quick response of this Bugs tracker.

Thank you very much for your help, for updating the wiki and I hope this help others. I have attached two screenshots showing the screen output before and during the backups. If you feel it will help others, feel free to use these pics in the wiki or anywhere else you would like.

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