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Can't access /hda anymore

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Yesterday I had a clean install of Amahi 8, could access my HDA and had started working on a VPN to access outside of my home network.

I was having trouble getting the VPN to work yesterday, and when I went to go to my /hda today I am unable to.

If I go to the actual unit I can use the terminal there, as well as log into the terminal from my laptop while on my network. I can also access my mapped drives from my laptop, however, the /hda keeps giving an error.

Here is the sysinfo:

I am far from an expert, so please be patient and explain in detail if you can.



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Some other notes.

My PHPBB test forum and PHPMYADMIN both work, I just updated the server (thought I had done it yesterday, but there were lots of new ones) and it will ping from my laptop terminal.

Let me know if anything else is needed.

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What do you mean by accessing /hda?

To access the dashboard from a web browser, it's http://hda/ and for shares in Windows, it's \\hda.

Can you access the dashboard by IP Address? Also have you checked the troubleshooting page for assistance?

#3 Updated by shishmorshion over 5 years ago

I am unable to access that section of the site. And as of today, my control panel is saying my server is "stopped". Even though I just connected to my network from school via my laptop and OpenVPN.

However, the admin page of VPN has never worked for me, I am not sure if I have it configured correctly (not that that is something you are concerned with) and my http://hda/ won't work, I cannot access it by IP address either.

The troubleshooting page provided no insight into this particular issue, as my disk space and RAM are well within operational limits.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 over 5 years ago

Can you access http://hda local in your network? From VPN, you may need to access replacing with whatever you chose in your profile.

Recommend we work the local access issues first before working on VPN. Best to tackle one issue at a time.

Also have you checked any log files to see if there are any issues. They are located in /var/log folder.

#5 Updated by shishmorshion over 5 years ago

OK, I got it figured out.

Somehow I ended up partially installing a standalone version of OpenVPN, and that corrupted a whole lot of stuff.

Reinstalled Amahi and OpenVPN and everything is working as planned for now.

Thank you for your timely responses.

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Glad you got it resolved. Always a good idea to not deviate from the Amahi applications whenever possible.

We have tested them and know they work without much fuss.

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