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Multiple install of web apps

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This idea for this feature was after I manually install a second copy of wordpress the other day on my amahi server, Why would you need more than one install of an app like wordpress the reasons are if testing a new template, change the look of it, making a big change but want to keep the original one, testing plug in, for testing too, you may want to create a workpress page for you hobby or clubs, the idea is to be able to create a Web app using any name you like then have a selection of apps that you can install in to that web folder, and be able to have this app on the front page of the amahi server and maybe change the icon to your own one too, for wordpress the only difference is the database name and password in the config file, would like to start with wordpress first as I know this one works with multiple install on one webserver, I have include a screen shot of my idea, I am able to help test this new feature if need to

There are other apps that can be multiple install on a webserver like Media wiki, Simple Machines Forum, Joomla, DokuWiki and Drupal

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I don't think this Feature is needed anymore but maybe able to do it with docker

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