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If you start a download in transmission , and then reboot the hda the download disapears, it is still in the torrent directory, if you run the torrent file again it finds the file and eventually starts again where it left off


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one user (tfbox) was wonder how come this bug was closed without explanation.

reopening to figure out what's going on with transmission.

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from tfbox:

looks like transmission is run by the user apache and i think transmission puts settings in the users home folder in a .config folder but the /var/www that is apaches home folder does not look to be writeable by apache?

i could be wrong, but the actual program is transmission-daemon, and apparently it saves to a file in $HOME/.config/transmission-daemon/

.config/transmission-daemon/resume/ folder and it seems to have saved some resume data.

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The following workaround will allow your torrents to stay between reboots, also allow resume data to be saved for the torrents, and also allow the changes you make to the preferences in the webinterface to persist between reboots.

Create the following folder structure:


and create the following files:


and put this in the settings.json file:

    "download-dir": "\/var\/hda\/files\/torrents",
    "peer-port": 51413

then change it all to be owned by the user 'apache':
chown apache -R /var/www/.config

Note: you will probly need to restart the transmission-daemon to make the changes take affect. I just rebooted the Amahi server but the proper way would be:
/etc/init.d/amahi-transmission restart

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This issue has been resolved in the Transmission app.
The above workarounds are not needed anymore.

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