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Apps on Home Domain Not Loading

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I have Amahi 9, and everything was working great. Over time, although I can still access all of my files, use the HDA for several apps, and access the HDA directly with hda// in my browser, I can no longer access apps on my home domain. I left the domain as default when installing,, and when first installing the apps I've been able to use them without issue and access them using the domain. Over time though, I was no longer able to access them. I remember doing a hard refresh when this first came up and being able to get back in, but now hard refresh's, rebooting the computer or the HDA, none of it seems to work and I can't access the apps. Thanks for any help, if I need to change the domain I would hope to do that without reinstalling everything.


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Please provide the URL for the following:

apaste --sysinfo

Also is your router DHCP and DNS server disabled?

Can you access the HDA by IP Address?

#2 Updated by upsidedowncake almost 6 years ago -> is the output I get from that command.

Yes, my router DHCP and DNS server are off.

Yes, I can access the HDA from both the IP address and 'hda'

Thanks for your help.

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Well thank you for your time, but I spoke too soon. After your question I went back in to my router and there were actually two networks - 'Broadband Connection' and 'Network Home/Office', I had only turned the DHCP off of one of them. I turned DHCP off for the other, hard reload the browser and refresh the computer and it all works fine again. Thanks again.

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Yes, your client was getting some other DHCP lease (and therefore DNS).

Glad it's fixed. Thanks @bigfoot65. I think the network troubleshooter may have helped you as well.

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