Feature #212

Intelligent Backup and Restore - Apps (config files and DB) and Data (Files in Shares)

Added by charlesghopkins about 13 years ago.

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<Chaz|Home>: Hey cpg - one thing that needs to be added to each application is: data and configuration file locations coordinated with a (installed by default) backup software package. This is to make it considerably easier to backup and restore the server in case of hardware failure
<cpg>: ?
<cpg>: i see where you are going
<cpg>: we were thinking of automatically backing up the DBs
<cpg>: chaz you mean backing up all the app?
<Chaz|Home>: DBs are fine but people being what they are, are dumb and will want it easy to rebuild to EXACTLY where they were. right now that isnt happening. if someone is using Amahi and it crashes.... they are most likely to not come back unless they are tech savvy enough with Linux to back up in the first place.
<Chaz|Home>: You have to make it easy to restore the data.
<Chaz|Home>: with the apps.
<cpg>: yeah
<cpg>: each app is different, though
<cpg>: the ones that are DB backed can be taken care of by just saving the DB
<dieseldes>: can I come in here chaz is right it needs to be simple to back up so users don't have to think
<cpg>: these are good ideas
<Chaz|Home>: I agree about each app different. but some have config options / files inside the application that would need backup
<Chaz|Home>: that is the problem dieseldes - users DONT THINK.
<Chaz|Home>: and dont want to have to think.

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