Bug #2208

installing some apps never finishes

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example of this is gallery-2, where the app appears to install correctly if you look at /var/log/amahi-app-installer.log

yet the UI never finishes, and also the app is not working properly.


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#2 Updated by vikasy about 5 years ago

I don't know how viable this solution might be but I was thinking of fixing this issue in the following way.

Using a sqlite-db or redis etc will require us to do a lot of changes. To avoid that we can do the following also if possible.

Presently the request for app install progress is done on http://hda/tab/apps/install_progress/<app-id>
This request gets handled by rails app but the request fails when app is restarting.

To fix that our browser can make a request to Basically the installation script will write the status on a file in some directory. Even though passenger is restarting, httpd is still up and can handle the request. That's why we are writing a virtual host (for

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There are other ways to handle coordination in Rails than using an external server or (much worse-performing) the file system.

I will try and work on this as soon as I get going with the current issues in

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