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Docker Registry Options

Added by vikasy about 4 years ago.

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@cpg Wanted to host and maintain our own docker registry.

Here are some options which I researched with some pros and cons

Docker Registry v 2.0
Software for hosting open source registries provided by docker itself.
Can store the image data on filesystem as well as on S3 Bucket or google cloud platform.
For public deployment it has to be secured with TLS (mandatory and can't be skipped)
No signup kind of feature required for giving access to docker registry. For pushing images authentication is required which can be handled using basic auth. Generally basic auth would be more than sufficient because want only one user to be pushing and others to just pull.
Doesn't provide a web interface to see which repositories are presently available in our registry.
INSTALLATION: The software is packaged inside a docker image and has to be run using docker.

Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server that stores and distributes Docker images.
It provides:
Role Based Access Control - Users and docker repositories are organized via "projects", a user can have different permission for images under a namespace. (Might not be required in our use case)
Graphical user portal - User can easily browse, search docker repositories, manage projects/namespaces. (This can be useful for us for administration purpose)
Auditing - All the operations to the repositories are tracked and can be used for auditing purpose.
Packaged as an image. Need docker to deploy it.

Docker Hub:
Good enough for now I guess. Doesn't require installing anything. Can be called as something similar to Amazon option. If we can rely on AWS then why not on dockerhub?

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