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Amahi Express Install Disc 11 v2

Added by sanjitchak about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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-Added Code verification system.

-Added Amahi Server Setup message when booting initially into Fedora system. Please log in after the message gets disappear on next reboot.

Note - It's better to set INSTALL CODE, in the end, to avoid slowness while setting TimeZone & Keyboard. This is because the code is verified every time if INSTALL CODE is set before.


#1 Updated by bigfoot65 about 4 years ago

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This image does not appear to work as designed.

Enter code on Install screen. Then when it finished the OS install and reboots, it displays a message about installing Amahi, but then goes to a login prompt right away. Does not appear to install Amahi.

Upon login, there are no Amahi bits installed.

v1 of the image worked better in my opinion.

I tested the image twice with the same result.

#2 Updated by sanjitchak about 4 years ago

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Oh! yes, you are correct. The login prompt will show but with the message. In the background, the script is setting the Amahi Server and it will reboot the system automatically.

ON next reboot, the message will disappear then, you can log in.

#3 Updated by bigfoot65 about 4 years ago

No sure that's a good idea. Best if there is no login prompt until Amahi is installed.

To a user a login prompt indicates Amahi is installed and the system is ready to go. I preferred the way it worked in the previous version as there was no login prompt until Amahi was installed.

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Continued in #2309

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