Bug #2370

Disk wizard has issues in Amahi 11

Added by cpg over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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captured in this humongous log

when trying to select a drive/partition to mount.


#1 Updated by cpg over 3 years ago

pains me to see that the long fpaste is gone. will have to reinstall fresh and try agin.

#2 Updated by kikkegek about 3 years ago

cpg wrote:

captured in this humongous log

when trying to select a drive/partition to mount.

Bigfoot65 requested me to add to this bug report.

Im on Amahi 8 though. But I installed a new 4TB disk and used the Disk Wizard. It allows for LABEL names with SPACES, causing the system to not completely reboot. because it cant mount LABEL names with spaces. I changed the label from "WD RED 4TB" to "WD_RED_4TB" and everything has been working great since. Other then that the wizard was great.

#3 Updated by jlundwal over 2 years ago

This might be known or not but I'll add it here because this is where it should be documented.

As I first noticed here: (includes fpaste of greyhole troubleshooting which might be useful), disk-wizard doesn't mount drives that are added.

I further confirmed this with a clean install. Here are my steps:

1. Install Amahi 11 with default partitions
2. Install Disk-wizard
3. plug in new drive
4. install through disk-wizard by formatting it
5. disk-wizard returns that drive was mounted at "\/var/hda/disks/blue4tb" (Idk why the extra backslash but it was there)
however, the I only found the blue4tb folder at /var/hda/drives/blue4tb
6. run: df -P /var/hda/files/drives/blue4tb | tail -1 | cut -d' ' -f 1
which yields: /dev/sda4 which is the docker partitions

As a side note, I noticed that when I run the disk-wizard, the terminal prints: "kvm: disabled by bios." Not sure if that is a problem.

Update: Now that I've thought about it, the drive had a GUID partition table (I wonder if that is shown by the extra backslash?). That might be why disk-wizard couldn't deal with it. In that case, the wizard should be able to identify that as an issue and redo the partition table in the formatting.

#4 Updated by bigfoot65 over 2 years ago

The app has been moved back to BETA due to all the issues user have had over the past several months.

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