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I been working on the home assistant app but have a few problem/changes

would like to have the config file to move to a share call homeassistant/config as this would make it easier for user to edit

have problems logging on after creating a user getting the following error message Unable to connect to Home Assistant.

but if I used hass:8123 it doesn't work but if I used the server IP address:8123 this works

would like to thanks Carlos for all this help yesterday


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Has this been resolved?

If not, for the issue with web access I would recommend you use the Often apps that operate on a non-standard port, the short URL does not work.

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Well, for systems where the DNS is set up properly, it ought to work. It worked on mine.

The proxying feature in Apache does work reliably, it's the DNS in the clients that I think may not always work well.

That said, I don't mind if we use the port for this app, but still, rather if it were clean.

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BTW, we're going to explore using for a more flexible solution of routing webapps, though in all truth, DNS may still be the fly in the ointment.

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