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Standard partition over LVM during install

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I would recommend amending the Amahi install guide to use LVM partitions over standard partitions. This would enable far more flexibility in resizing partitions (especially as greyhole LZ is by standard set to root (this really needs to be changed, no-one would choose a location where if 100% filled, stops the system functioning properly, especially with no reserve).


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Once of the main reasons for not using LVM is that Fedora creates a large /home partition. This has caused a lot of issues in the past with users who have little or no Linux skills.

If you want to use LVM, you can as there is no restriction by Amahi. We just highly encourage users to use Standard partition. Those with more advanced skills can and often do what they desire, regardless of the instructions.

I see no reason to change the current install instructions.

As for Greyhole, that is an Amahi add on. There is guidance for moving the landing zone. So for those with several drives, there is nothing preventing them from doing so. It would be difficult to change this without modifying Greyhole. It's not an Amahi-owned app, so that request would need to go to the Greyhole author.

Recommend this feature request be closed without action.

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