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IP address for HDA keeps jumping - new install Amahi 11

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After Amahi 10 suddenly decided not to let me go into the dashboard any more (why? I did nothing to you!) I bit the bullet and did a clean install of Amahi 11. Network/Internet connectivity was a bit flakey, but I managed to get it going and add my data disks manually - that wasn't flagged in advance, was it! Anyway, all working. Installed Plex and OpenVPN. Suddenly all network connectivity was gone; the router could see the Internet, but after an ip renewal, I lost my connection to everything! Eventually I used the rescue start of Amahi 11 and the network came back.
according to the router home page, my HDA keeps changing from to Why on earth!? Plex works (permanently on 80). OpenVPN doesn't (whether I set forwarding to 80 or 125). Amahi Anywhere does work.
I have the DNS Alias in advanced setting for the hda as 80. The control panel has it as 80. I've set the dynamic IP range to 20-254. Obviously the DHCP server on the router is disabled.
What's going on?

Can't work out how to get the Common Logs out for you, but here's

Screenshot_20190311-201207.png View - Adding a screenshot from Fing on my phone which identifies the hda as PlexMS only and shows the two IP addresses (133 KB) CurlyLizard, 03/11/2019 01:14 PM

ip addr.png View (30.3 KB) CurlyLizard, 03/12/2019 07:39 AM


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can you provide the output of

ip addr

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Here it is as an image, my terminal won't let me cut and paste...

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It looks like there are a lot of network interfaces. Some of them are physical, some are virtual, like the docker one and tun one.

It seems to me that those (which ones, I'm not sure) may have software associated that has a DHCP client running on them. This explains why some of the IPs associated could be getting DHCP addresses.

What other software or apps did you install?

PS: next time please avoid images and use text using the pre directive here.

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The mystery is that under Amahi 10, the system was running perfectly, with the IP address steady as a rock on .80, and with Plex and OpenVPN installed, and OpenVPN working.
The server is a ProLiant, with a separate interface to my Windows computer on IP .60 - that hasn't changed.
I haven't intentionally installed anything with docker or tun, whatever that is.
The problems started after installing Plex and OpenVPN from your apps page, not manually. Since then I have installed:
access logs (trying to output logs for the bug-tracker, failed!)
server logs viewer (ditto)
Amahi Anywhere
HDA Troubleshooting Tools (in case needed, haven't touched them)

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