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FAQ: Does Amahi support LVM?

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LVM seems to be enthusiastically recommended in the FAQ at where it says:

You can use LVM in your Amahi server. In fact some of our users like it!
However, unless you are familiar with LVM, we tend to nor recommend it due to the risk that one drive's failure makes it difficult to recover the data from the other.

But its use is discouraged in places like

and where it states:

WARNING: Amahi staff doesn't recommend using the default LVM partition scheme. Doing so will dedicate most of the drive space in the system to the /home partition. Amahi does not utilize this space, limiting storage for file shares and web applications. For best results and maximum storage, use the Standard partition scheme.

I believe the intent is probably to have the FAQ worded like the Wiki pages?


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I've pursued this myself, and the simple answer is:

Yes, it supports it, however it's for more advanced users (aka, little to no support surrounding it).

LVM has many MANY benefits, but it's not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for new users, especially as the partitioning guide states, it will put most of the space in the home partition, which means immediately after install, users will need to modify the partition to put more storage in root and less in home which can be a bit of a ballache.

My particular issue I've run into is that I need to convert blocks to LVM, and there's no real easy way to do it, so currently I've got 100gb of unusable space because I'm certainly not that confident in mucking around with conversion as of yet.

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